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"Delicious! We enjoyed last night's dinner so much! I was a wonderful and refreshing relief to the cast and crew."

"We want to thank you and your staff for playing a major role in making our wedding day the enjoyable and successful event that it was, Kudos! The food deserves every superlative and not only did we think so, but all of our guests told us so. Please also pass on our appreciation to the rental company, everything looked beautiful."

"Thanks so much for yet again setting a "splendid table" for my guests! The food was phenomenal and everyone was overwhelmed at the abundance, creativity, and delicious flavors of your dishes."

Celebration Suppers

In the Kitchen at Jennie Cooks

4 courses including dessert starting at $30
Menu options available, call the office at 323.982.0052

About every other month or so, I get together with my California family and celebrate a birthday. We sit around a big table with everybody together. We don’t mind squooshing, because the important part is we all sit at the same sup.

We eat lots of food and then, after we bring out the cake sing the songs and blow out the candles, we tell stories. There are usually about 20 of us, so we tell lots of stories. We talk about the guest of honor, the birthday celebrant and how great they are, why we love them so, and why the world is a greater place because of them. We laugh until our sides are splitting, and we get all teary-eyed at sentimental recounts of times gone by, memories of trips and milestones that have brought us all together.

We call it family dinner, even though none of us are related beyond our immediate families. We set up a big table in the middle, turn on the stringer lights, unplug the appliances and eat right in the middle of the kitchen commissary. It doesn’t get any better than this.

If you are looking for something new to do when it comes to celebrating, and I guarantee if you tell the stories, you’ll be all warm and fuzzy for days to come. BYOB - and we'll serve. plus 18% service fee

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