Sharing Our Feast in the Garden Kitchen


"Again, many thanks for the sensational menu for my open house. It just took the edge and franticness off of what was a fantastic day."

“Saturday turned out to be another spectacular event, and we owe a great deal of the success to you and your team. Your food creations standout as part of our wonderful holiday memories.”

“You were maaarvelous. You made such a hit. The presentation was wonderful and the food was fabulous. The party was a huge success, and everyone loved the food. It was just perfect, thank you!"

Food Advocacy

The delicious revolution is upon us! Please – let me be your leader! As a dedicated and trained permaculturist and a lifelong eater, I know the time has come to take responsibilty for what we eat and how we get it. I’ve got lots of ideas, and take action too.

24th Street Garden School foundation

Every Thursday afternoon I hang out with the primary school kids at 24th street elementary school. Behind the classrooms is a 2 acre carfully tended garden. First thing we do is share a fruit snack. Then the kids forage, prep and prepare a delicious snack featuring what they’ve been growing this season. The recipe of the school year is a stir fried brown rice with swiss chard. Sometimes we add a carrot or a turnip, we love the fresh mint and cilantro for extra flavor, and oh yeah… always a little mud. They love it. And I need some volunteers to help with the class - Give me a call!

Mystery Lunch Box Challenge

Get ready to cook up a storm with Jennie and the Cooks!

This course teaches high schoolers the basics of deliciousness and the ease of preparation when trying to get five to seven servings of vegetables and fruits each day and ends in a spectacular competition.

Jennie will make teams, usually about five, and each team makes three different recipes. at the end of class, we all sample each teams food. This happens twice. On day three - the Mystery Lunch Box challenge is on! Each team needs to prepare a balanced plate to present to the judges and they are timed. It’s very exciting. The kids get a great session on critical thinking, teamwork and culinary aptitude. And they love it! If you have any great ideas for prizes or want to donate a great door prize, please give me a call!

Check out this video

Root Down LA

With the amazing Megan E. Hanson at the helm, the grassroots non-profit RootDown LA gets kids to get kids to eat their vegetables. They inspire exploratory eating with hands on, food driven interactive events including farm trips, sandwich making extravagnazas and other assorted teen inspired activities, and they host the Mystery Lunch Box Challenge at Jefferson High Send them a check, you'll feel good about it!

Other Associations

These are a few more folks who are down for the cause.

Slow Food Los Angeles

California Food and Justice Coalition

Chefs Collaborative

Foraging for Rainbow Chard

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