Seasonal Margarita Pizza


"Thanks again for such a great job! It's so nice to have a crew NOT complain, and one person actually drove back to pick up the leftovers!"

"The food today was excellent! And the server was a real sweetheart. He went above and beyond the call of duty."

"You and your crew exceeded our wildest expectations—you rock! I cannot thank you enough for making the entire experience such a complete pleasure, from the first time we spoke, straight through the event, everything was beyond perfect."

Organic & Sustainable

Sustainability Statement

We do our best every day to create a wonderful product in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We promote a culture that encourages slowing down a bit and savoring everything – especially meals. We think about where our food comes from, and how we can make the best choices, especially regarding resource usage. We strive toward reducing our unsustainable practices to the absolute minimum. We see ourselves as stewards of the earth, and try to walk as softly as possible. We will continue to identify the problems and find sustainable solutions, as we do our part toward creating a healthy global citizenship. As we grow, so does our practice of sustainable management. We will continue to collaborate, implement and celebrate new experiences and insight. There’s always more to do and learn in creating a sustainable future. We learn something new everyday. And we recycle like crazy – because as the man says “ there is a market for everything”.

Sustainable Beverage Service with Reusable Cups

In keeping with out verdant philosophy, we offer a full line of beverages, served in reusable cups, made by magical elves for all your hydration needs. We make delicious punches, potions and tonics using fresh juces herbs and sweet things. We wouldn’t think of buying all those crazy bottles of beverages (unless of course that’s what the situation calls for). We have a full service selecrtion of filtered waters, teas, coffees, hot chocolate and delicious potions available for you to serve at your event. Prices start at 3.95 for a choice of two - including cups. We can wheel and deal from there.

We Compost!

We compost every bit of food scraps and all paper! We are part of the City of Los Angeles’ pilot compost program. All our food and paper waste gets tilled into a lovely mulch. Because of this spectacular program, we can also offer you a ZERO WASTE EVENT!

China Service

25 years of piling trash into land fills with paper plates and plastic eat ware fills us with intense guilt. Although we use recycled and compostable products there is a better solution. We have full china service available - and some really cute red melamine plates (it really dresses up the meal). We have plenty for you to rent and it lasts a really long time. A full set up with cutlery and plates in two sizes as well as a purple linen napkin is $5 a person. Isn’t Mother Earth worth it?

What are you eating?

Call the Shoppe. Lets talk.  Things are changing and we are here to help.  Special orders, dietary restrictions and requests are part of our specialty. We care. 

What we’re serving

Many of our stock items are organic and locally sourced. For a small surcharge we can create an entire seasonal and organic meal.

Local Sources:
Chaffin Family Farm
Open Space Meats
Harmony Meats
Macgrath Farms
Peacock Farms
Weiser farms
Jaime Farms


A full line of vegan offerings is available. Among our favorites are the swiss chard cashew cream lasagne, masa rellenos and quinoa fritters. Check out our sustainable suppers menu for more options.

Ultimate Goal = Zero Waste

For a small fee we will do this for your event. Every situation is a little different. Call for the logistics on how we can make it happen for you.

A Perfect Pear Olive Oil Wedding Favor

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