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"Thanks for putting such effort and creativity into the meals. We really appreciate them."

"Thank you so much. Great food, great service, the perfect ambience and style for our wedding. And last but not least, thanks for calming me down."

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Sustainable Chef Classes

Class 1: Help me Eat Healthy – Please!

Otherwise named…Dinner, again? Or Delicious, yes, but is it sustainable? Or Farmers’ Market MoJo, or Get Healthy NOW!

Are you dying for some new ideas using all we have at our doorstep here in Southern California? Dinner is not what it used to be, and if it is, well … it shouldn’t be. It’s time to drop the “where’s the meat” mentality and go green right onto the plate.

This course is personal, practical and life changing. We’ll start with a review of what you’re eating now and how you would like that to change. Then we will go to your local farmers’ market and shop together. It’s easy to overbuy and forget to use what you have in your refrigerator, but I’ll prevent that with buying tips and strategies that will work for one person, or an entire family.

This course in your own home will free your mind and allow you to think differently when trying to please your palate (and your family). I’ll introduce you to simpler ways to make a meal, the joys of olive oil and sea salt, and reduce your visits to the Trader and the supermarkets. There’s no reason not to be eating five-a-day in Southern California and with this personal hands-on session, you are sure to become an empowered cook and control your kitchen with healthy deliciousness.

Sessions include preliminary meeting ( about an hour with all family members present) farmers’ market visit  and session in your home. This is usually done on the same day but could be split into two sessions  ( allow the entire morning or afternoon – about 4 hours)

  • FEES
  • $295 + $75 or so for the farmers’ market
  • Call to set up your first visit: 323.982.0052

Class 2: Pick a Vegetable, Any Vegetable

Get ready to cook up a storm with Jennie and the Cooks. This class is for six people. Jennie will make teams of two, and each team will make three different recipes. Featuring everything fresh and local, we’ll end up with a fabulous family feast. All recipes will be vegetarian, and will easily incorporate into your weekday dinners.

This course will teach the basics of deliciousness and the ease of preparation we’re all looking for when trying to get our five to seven servings of vegetables and fruits each day.

Jennie teaches this course to High School teenagers in the greater Los Angeles area in association with Root Down LA. All food will be provided and children with culinary tendencies are encouraged to participate with their parents.

Click here for a video of Root Down LA.

  • FEES
  • $495. 6 people minimum – 10 maximum - allow 2.5 hours
  • Call to schedule: 323.982.0052


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